Collection: Kiwi Craft Jewellery

We have a fabulous range of Fashion Jewellery and Fresh Water Pearl necklaces and earrings designed by Kiwi Craft Design Ltd inspired by NZ Kiwiana Designs but Not made in NZ.  We stock both Fresh Water Pearls and Shell Pearls as well as Fashion Earrings and Necklaces  made from a variety of enamel, Rhodium Plated,  Silver plated, Sterling Silver and Stainless Steel options. 

What Is a Freshwater Pearl?

Freshwater pearls are created by using freshwater mussels in lakes, rivers and ponds. Most freshwater pearls on the market today come from rivers and lakes in China, although USA and Japan have a small fraction of the market. A freshwater mussel can have up to 50 pearls at a time (compared to the two to five pearls that saltwater oysters can contain).

What Are Shell Pearls?

 Shell pearls, are created by humans using the inner lining of oyster shells, the substance known as Mother of Pearl.

This makes shell pearls quite interesting, because although they’re made by humans, they are made of the same materials as real pearls.